Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The English Woodworker

Richard Maguire has started an new video series on sharpening. Richard is a good teacher and is very entertaining to watch. In addition the first two videos validate my way of sharpening :-), so they must be good.

You can find the the videos on Richard's blog.


  1. It would be more engaging if i can get some goodies about your woodworking through this blog. Hand Tools Manufacturer India

  2. I have stopped looking for the perfect edge until I have gotten proficient with my current process. I watched Marc Adams process and it works for me. 1,hollow grind 2,hit it with stones to 8000 I use diamond with a LV jig 3,use a buffer wheel to strop. It is fast and I no longer worry about if it is sharp enough as long as the edge goes swoosh swoosh when it meets the wood.

  3. Matt,

    Good on you....Glad you found a process that work for you.