Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More Shop Changes

The shop is about as messy as can be but I've some photos of the new basic layout. I expect there will be several days of re-hooking up dust collection, sweeping, picking up stuff and either finding a new home or putting it in the trash....In other words a few days before it will be a functional shop.

First image is from the left end of the joinery bench. The drill press is near the right end as is the lathe. The tool box is set so as to be easily assessable from either work bench.

This photo is from the right end of the joinery bench. The sharpening bench is off the left end of the joinery bench also easily assessable from either bench.

Next is from the joinery bench looking out the shop with the planing bench in the foreground. I lowered the planing bench to 800mm, about 31". the joinery bench is 900mm, about 35".

One more photo, this one from outside looking into the shop.

For now I've moved the 8" joiner into the "tool room" for storage until I figure what to do with it. If anyone local or doesn't mind a drive wants a joiner, it is a good one. It just doesn't earn its required floor space anymore. BTW, even with the mess the shop feels better. I expect once cleaned up and connected it will function much better.



  1. Ken how do you find anything?

  2. Oooooh. The garage door is open, grab your shovel some tarantula is going to sneak in...

    Bob, running and dodging tarantulas :-)

    Phew there are metric sizes

  3. Ralph,

    What you are seeing is like a bomb went off in the shop, most everything around the benches, machines and floor had to be piled somewhere. Once everything is back together my core tools are stored close at hand and always in the same place. The non-core tools we will not talk about.

    That is the biggest reason I keep talking about downsizing but it is all an empty threat. Ain't nothing harder than parting with a functional tool even if it has been years since the last use.


  4. Bob,

    Don't think I didn't think about it :-). The last week's WX has been rare for late Summer-early Fall here in the Sonoran Desert. With occasional rain, some light and slow at other times gully washers and day time temps in the 70's and 80's. It is usually November before we see temps like that. I know, can this guy ever just get to the point....Maybe.

    Anyway it was just too nice to have the door closed. BTW, the first tarantula had to been 175mm across, the second was 110mm at the most.

    I picked Pat up last night at 2100 local. She was so knackered I'll bet the big one could have crawled on her lap and she would have just looked at it. Twenty-four straight hours of dealing with and riding on a U.S. air-carrier's steerage will do that to you. I'm not sure she even noticed the motorhome in the driveway.

    Take care, when do you leave for your rust hunt?


  5. Ahhh, 175 mm, small ones, heh! :-)
    Rudy and I are currently on my rust hunt adventures. Sunday we will be at the Tool of the Trade show in Pickering. It has been a long time i went there, it is a large gathering of Ontario antique tool dealers. And this time, not bringing up stuff for my kids, i have oodle of mms room in my car trunk :-)

    Bob and Rudy on a tool hunting safari, currently in Quebec city with friends

  6. Oops almost forgot... Welcome back home Mrs Bubba

    Bob and Rudy